NTC plans to begin 5G testing by the end of the Poush



TC (Nepal Telecom), plans to begin 5G network testing at the end of Poush, 2078. The company has submitted its work plan to NTA in the hopes to obtain a dedicated 5G spectrum in the near future.

5G testing:

Nepal Telecom has officially announced its plan to test 5G in the nation, and it is seeking a dedicated 5G spectrum. The telecom has a significant edge in this regard because the Government of Nepal has already  announced that it would permit a free 5G spectrum to the company for one year. And if everything goes well, NTC will begin testing its 5G network by the end of Poush this year.

According to Managing Director of NTC, Nepal Telecom’s 5G technology would most likely be tested in four big cities and a few rural locations  with enough tower space and electricity throughout the country at first.

Tech policy for 5G spectrum

Besides NTC, NTA is developing its own sets of 5G requirements for Nepal.

Ambar Sthapit, Deputy Director of NTA notified that “Nepal Telecommunications Authority has set up a committee to study 5G test and spectrum availability. After the committee concludes on its study, NTA will provide the spectrum and other technical assistance  required for NTC”.

In accordance with the Tech Neutrality Policy, the committee will complete its 5G procedure within 15 days and will provide a conclusion to award NTC with a fifth-generation spectrum.

NTA will then develop specific criteria for all telecom companies in the country and assess the optimum 5G spectrum for each of them. NTA would accelerate the implementation of its 5G spectrum for other telecom in the next fiscal year i.e. 2078/79.

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