Illegal Smartphones Will Be Banned From Shrawan 1 In Nepal



t the budget announcement of fiscal year 2078/2079, Finance minister Mr. Bishnu Prasad Poudel announced that MDMS (Mobile Device Management System) will be implemented from Shrawan1,2078 in Nepal. With the help of this system, government can control the illegal import of smartphones in Nepal.

The sale of smartphones though the black market has been a major problem in Nepal for a long time. If you are unfamiliar to black market, black market basically refers to the sales/distribution of goods through illegal manner. As a result, government and official distributor faces loss.

Register your handset’s IMEI number at Nepal Telecommunication Authority

For the ease of this process, NTA has started online IMEI registration of smartphones

  • In order to check whether your smartphone is registered or not click here.
  • Fill up the IMEI number of your smartphone and click on Submit Button.
  • You can get your IMEI number on back side of the phone case or simply dialing *#06#.
  • If there appears “IMEI number of your mobile device is already registered in NTA”, your device is safe.
  • Or if there appears “IMEI number of your mobile device is not registered in NTA” then,
  • You can submit an application by filling up your personal as well as device details here.
  • After filling all the details submit it and  you’ll receive an email acknowledging your request for IMEI registration.

After few hours you can recheck it and you will find that your mobile is registered if it was not.

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