indows 10 is the best operating system of Microsoft till now. It was introduced  to the world on 2015. Its been 6 year since it was launched. In spite of making new operating system for 6 years the Microsoft team was upgrading and weekly giving updates to windows 10. But now Microsoft has announced that the next generation of windows is ready to be unveiled.

Is The Next Generation Windows, Windows 11?

As Microsoft announced that next generation of windows is ready to be unveiled. It possibly means they are referring to the new windows( which is still a rumor). However, we cant exactly say that the name of the coming windows will be windows 11.

No official announcement has been there regarding its name so we cant certainly comment about it. Microsoft has been working for a long time on this user interface. And this is sure that it will be a revolutionary change in the operating systems.

Next Generation Of Windows!

When windows 10 was launched Microsoft had said that they would not make any other operating system from now. However regular updates will be given to windows 10 to make it up to date. Microsoft never compromised on the user experience they gave their all.

Microsoft has only announced about the next generation of windows so we are not sure about its exact name. We are only assuming that it might be windows 11. As after 6 years they decided to launch a new operating system, its sure that its hype will be on other level. For further details and information Microsoft has sent invites to different medias in its virtual launch event. Which is probably the launch date of windows 11.

Launch Date!

As Microsoft is unveiling the next generation of windows on its virtual launch on 24th of this month. There will be a live stream of its launch so you can watch it on YouTube too.

Exact launch date: 24 June, 2021 11AM Eastern Time

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