Huawei Teases the internet about its coming P50 Flagship phone!!



o in the Huawei’s Harmony OS livestream, the company gave a glance about their upcoming P50 series smartphone. However, only few of the specifications of it were given in that livestream but the pricing and release date were not announced.


In the livestream the unique look of its camera array was revealed though. Some people were assuming that it will be released soon. As we know earlier this year Huawei had launched new P series devices (p40).  Those had strengthen its leadership among the smartphone companies. Its quite sure that to hold the position among the smartphone companies, Huawei would definitely bring an innovative design as it always do and surely amaze the people again.

Huawei also been known for its powerful camera technology and it keeps increasing the camera capability with every launch. As the camera of P40 series were beast so its sure that Huawei would give us a shock after all. The leaks were saying that in P50 series the Huawei is bringing the liquid lens technology .

However, in the livestream four lens were visible along with two flashes. The camera size is sure increased as compared to P40 series. As the P40 series was given a name of smartphone zoom king but by looking the size of camera bump of P50, its definitely going to take that name from P40.

The executive Richard Yu said that this new P50 series is going to have an iconic and lightweight design. Also, its likely that new Harmony OS will be installed in it as it was revealed in its live stream. He even said that they would have many problems bringing the phone in the market. Because of this prevailing pandemic all over the world.

Even though Huawei has never given a bad impression on its phones. So, we can assume this phone is no different than other Huawei premium phones and will be definitely be a flagship killer.


As, Huawei does not operate through a rule book, it not quite sure when will be its launch time and how it will be released in the market. But its likely to be launched soon because Huawei doesn’t wants to lose its position among the smartphone companies.

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