Nepal’s Budget On ICT(Information and Communication Technology).



o on 29 May, 2021 Nepalese Government announced its budget allocation for the year 2078-2079. The total capital of the budget was 1647.57 billion. Talking about the IT, our government has included a bunch of programs like e governance, free internet , free sim, startup loans and many more. So, today we are going to discuss about 2078-2079 budget on ICT sector:

Budget of 2078-2079 on ICT sector

In Education

Free SIM and Internet

In this budget the government has planned to provide free access of internet for the community schools throughout the country. It also included that within next year almost 60% of community schools will have a free internet connection and students above 16 years will be able to get free SIM card.

Loans at 1% interest

The government announced that it is willing to provide loans up to NPR 80,000 to students over the age of 16 at 1% interest. This is mainly to help the students purchase a laptop. But this loan must be returned within 2 years and only applicable to students enrolled in government institutions.

Loans to the graduates

In order to increase the skilled human resource in the nation, the government announced to provide loans up to NPR 2.5 million at 1% interest rate. However, academic certificate have to be provided as a proof to be applicable for the loan. This initiative will directly increase the number of entrepreneurs in our country.

Digital Land management

As we all know for land related process we have to go to Malpot and do paperwork there. But the government has planned to digitalize the land related process. This will truly save a lot of our time as we had to wait for hours and hours to submit a document in Malpot.

New citizen app

Nepal government launched the Nagarik app on May 3 also the government has added a bunch of features and services. We can store our documents like citizenship card license in this app, however the government announced that bill book renewal, Malpot works and others will also be done through this app.

Tracking of Vehicles

The government stated that radio frequeNcy equipped number plates will be given to the vehicles owner . Due to this number plates the government  can easily track any vehicles location. Also, from next fiscal year drivers will be provided electronic license.

National Payment Unified

A national payment switch will come into operation shortly and it will be responsible for integrating different online payment gateways and provide a a platform which is unified for online payment.  NCHL is working on this project and it will be completed shortly.

NTV World

Now, Nepal’s first television station will not only function inside the country boundaries but outside the country boundaries globally. NTV WORLD will be to extend Nepalese content outside the country borders, in order to make other people familiar about their culture, tradition, customs etc.

In telecommunication

So, in this it includes the enormous amount of growth in 4G networks throughout the nation, fiber network will also be expanded as it is more convenient and MDMS introduction and  many other initiatives are in this approach.

MDMS implementation

This will be able to create a lot of change in the it sector in Nepal. As people even illegaly without registering bring phone in the countries and operate them here. Now MDMS ( mobile device management system)  will affect a majority of those smartphone consumers. This system makes sure that the phone entering nepal is only by official channels. The devices which are brought illegally will now be  inaccessible to network connection in the whole country. This will start from the beginning of Shrawn.


At last we will be discussing about the Ev companies. So in this budget of 2078-2079 the government has aim to increase the vehicle scenario by running at least 100 electric buses in the capital city Kathmandu. The government also plans to take the top Ev companies in the stream of the world to make them able to manufacture/build up electric vehicle in our country. The government reduced the custom duty  and removed the excise duty on import of EVs on Nepal. This will totally help the EV companies and increase the number of  electronic vehicles in Nepal.


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