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e all use Facebook, More than Billions of people have installed Facebook in their phones and they can easily access your profile whenever and wherever they want. Due to that, your privacy might be in danger. To remove this problem there is one option to lock your profile however this option is not available in every phones. To unlock that option you have to follow some steps. After locking your profile only your friends will be able to access your profile and it will be more safer this way. You can even unlock it later. Kindly, follow below steps to lock your Facebook profile.



  1. Open Chrome and login your Facebook account in the browser.
  2. Click on the top left option (three line).
  3. Now click scroll down and click on settings.
  4. In “preferences” Click on language and region.
  5. Click on the first option
  6. Scroll down and select Burmese language.
  7. Now just refresh the page and whole language will be different.
  8. Simply click on your profile picture.
  9. Click on the three dot on your profile.
  10. Now click on the third option.
  11. Then, hit the bottom down option in blue highlighted.
  12. Again, click on the blue option.
  13. Now, You have successfully locked your profile.


  1. Now, we have to change the language
  2. Click on the top left option ( three lines).
  3. Scroll  down and simply click on the “A#” option.
  4. Select your language and all done
  5. You have successfully changed language and locked your profile.


  1. If you want to unlock your profile then.
  2. Go TO Facebook app and open your profile.
  3. Here, click one the three dot option.
  4. And select on the unlock profile and hit unlock.
  5. Your profile has been unlocked.

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